Are you creative but stuck?

Are you wise but confused?

Are you loving but lonely?


We live in extraordinary times. The potential for your living the life that you want has never been greater. And your fears of an uncertain future have never been more plausible.

I have counseled, guided, and mentored hundreds of individuals like you over the past twenty years to find more of what they want in life. I want to rekindle the spark of your hope. You can change life-long patterns so that you are able to have new energy and make new choices.

  • You can recover the creative spontaneity that is rightfully yours.
  • You can find meaningful work.
  • You can transform or leave relationships that no longer serve you.  

What you call "depression" or "anxiety" or "ADD" can be a bridge to a more joyful life. I have spent decades exploring some of the most effective healing modalities in the field of psychotherapy. I am ready to offer you the support and the tools you need to make lasting changes in your life. I am experienced in using EMDR, Sandplay , Dreamwork , the Enneagram, Colors of Movement, and InterPlay. I am also a certified supervisor in the state of Maryland and able to offer CEU's.


Kate Amoss, MA, LCPC

Candlewood Counseling

Master InterPlay Teacher

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